Hello, I’m Nick Kimball owner of Integrity Plus Plumbing located in Carlsbad, California. I hope after informing you a little about myself, you will make the decision to choose us. I have been a plumber for 35 years, starting out by working for a plumbing heating and air conditioning service company. I wanted to further my education, so I enrolled, completed and passed the college A/C course and for the next 8 years worked in the service and repair industry here in California. When the recession hit in the late 80s, I relocated to Colorado and for 6 years worked in the new construction phase of plumbing as a licensed journeyman and foreman for commercial projects in that state.

When the economy came back, I returned home with more experience under my belt and a greater sense of confidence that I could perform all phases of plumbing. It was at that point I took the California State License Exam and was issued: Lic.# 784807

I have done a variety of projects as Integrity Plus Plumbing.

They are listed below:

Banks, restaurants, dental offices, remodels, custom homes, tenant improvements and churches, just to name a few.

Projects as foreman for:

  • Metabolic Hospital in La Jolla Mechanical piping foreman
  • Colorado State University Stadium bathroom expansion
  • The Kiva Inn
  • Blevins Middle School gymnasium addition, Fort Collins Co
  • The Holiday Inn Express, Loveland Co.
  • The St. Augustine Record Historic News Paper Building
  • College dorm renovation for Flaggler College
  • The School for the Deaf and Blind, St Augustine Fla.
  • The Marineland interactive dolphin facility, Marineland Florida.

As you can see I am a true plumber. I also served as a Project Manager for the 3rd largest plumbing company in northern Florida.

About the name of my company

The inspiration for the name of my company was generated by the lack of integrity I witnessed early in my career by some(not all) plumbers and the value that management placed on those with silver tongues ” liars ” . I was very troubled and felt I should get out of the trade all together. I asked a question under my breath , ” is there any room for a plumber with Integrity?” I received this answer: ”Yes, call your company Integrity Plus Plumbing. ”

What the name means to me: Integrity means that what I say and what do agree. I am honest and will play by the rules of Integrity

The Plus means I know what I’m doing, I am fair, and though in the business to make money, I am not greedy.

I aspire to have one of the best plumbing companies in the world. I don’t plan to go global, but with the standards I have set, I would like to hear that said of Integrity Plus Plumbing. Not all plumbing companies are rip offs and I acknowledge that there are other companies that have a high standard as well and all companies that have set the bar high are the ones I consider to be my peers.