Hello my name is Nick Kimball. I thought you might be interested in learning more about me. I have been Plumbing for close to 35 years now. I have been in business since 2000.

I started out in the trade working for a company that did Plumbing , Heating and Air Conditioning. I went to school for Refrigeration and Air conditioning controls. I have worked for some very good companies and received good on the job instruction in both the Plumbing and HVAC field.

Unlike alot of plumbers I was interested in learning my trade before setting off in a business of my own. I have always cared about Integrity and the experience of my customers.

I have a very strong background in Service and Repair as well New Construction and Remodeling. I work on both Residential and Commercial projects.

I treat my customers how I want to be treated. We are all in need of repairs of some kind or other. Whether it’s related to our house, automobile, or even our bodies we want someone who genuinely cares about our problem who knows how to diagnose and repair properly as well as not over charging or up-selling us. All in all, we just want someone we can trust. I am confident in telling you that I am that business owner you can trust.


You might be interested as to how I decided on the name of my company. It’s simple. As a young man during my first couple years in the trade I had witnessed several shady deals. I was wondering if there was any Integrity in the plumbing industry. Well right then the idea of Integrity Plus came to me. Integrity us good, however you can have Integrity and still be unqualified. So basically my name means that I have Integrity Plus I know what I’m doing.

You will always know what the job costs before I start. I always give an estimate before I start . I know how long the repair should take because I’ve done it several times before. I have experience . And I will always tell you how I arrived at my prices.

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