Quick DIY tips for some common problems.

My disposal does not run it just hums. Or I can’t hear anything when I turn it on. This is a symptom of a jammed disposal. A lot of models such as ISE In Sink Erator have a place on the bottom for you to insert a tool so you may try and manually get disposal to spin. You should be able to identify this model by looking at the flange or ring around the opening of disposal. Make sure the switch is off and insert the service wrench supplied by manufacturer into the place provided.( If you do not have the service wrench you can also use and Allen wrench. ) Then try and free obstruction by rotating the tool in both directions. You may hear a bit of grinding if a piece of glass or metal is the culprit. You should be able to see the problem by shining a light down into the disposal. If you see something it is possible that you can remove it either by hand or needle nose pliers.( But it is not always necessary to remove everything.) Once removed and the disposal spins freely by hand you may then turn on the disposal while running water. If was something like meat or gristle that stopped it there may a little left in grinding chamber. Just keep running it until it is completely ground up and you don’t hear any unusual sounds.

Note* Do not look into the disposal while running. An object could be ejected such as a small piece of glass, bone etc…

Also, if there is no sound at all from the unit when you turn it on you will most likely have to push the reset button on the bottom of the disposal. It is a type of circuit breaker. When a disposal gets jammed it typically happens on start up. Which means that it may have been turned off too soon during the last use. So make sure you don’t turn it off while it is grinding. You can hear the difference.

Common causes: chicken skin, meat, orange or lemon rinds, gristle, plastic bottle caps, broken glass, flatware etc…

If this does not work, it may be time to replace the unit! (760)840-9806